Global Game Jam 2019!


This year I participated in the Global Game Jam! I had a great time, and I was super proud of what our team accomplished, our cute little game Adopt a Dog!

I didn't program this time though, as much as I intended to when I walked in the door. Whil...

Clean Partial Application in Javascript


Partial application, prevelent in functional programming languages, allows programmers to call a function with only some of its arguments, returning a partially applied function, a function that takes in the remaining arguments...

My First Week in Seattle


I just moved to Seattle to start my internship! Here's some of the stuff that I got up to this week.

In the first few days I visited downton with my friend Hayley! She showed me around the Central District and the inner areas. We visited Pike Place/the marketplace there, walked around downtown in an...

A Hike in The Blue Mountains


I went for a hike in the blue mountains with my friend Melena :) We went down the Golden Staircase track and the views of the valley were really fantastic!

Here's some pictures from our day:

We climbed to the top of broken castle!

A picture of the Golden Staircase hiking track

A good view of the val...

Food Review: Yong Jing's Kitchen Enlightenment (YJKE)


YJKE is a lovely little Chinese restaurant on Anzac parade in Kensington. Hidden behind the doors of this establishment lies a palette of taste and cheap prices to enchant any university student - good food is the in the blood of the YJKE family, and a degree at UNSW without a visit to YJKE is incom...

First Post!


I hope I put this blog to good use!

Here's a nice picture of me and my good mate Jamie :)...