A Hike in The Blue Mountains


I went for a hike in the blue mountains with my friend Melena :) We went down the Golden Staircase track and the views of the valley were really fantastic!

Here's some pictures from our day:

The drive from Sydney was about 2 hours (including a quick Maccas run...). The hike from the offroad carpark was about 1-2 hours, and we hung around at the castle for maybe 2-3 hours.

The view had a really nice mix of dark and light colours as the clouds kept moving really quickly over the valley, it looked really nice to see all the ribbons of light rays sliding around on top of the hills of trees in the valley. The valley is surrounded by a really nice looking gold stone (hence the name of the track), which gives that really Aussie feel to the nature :) It almost glows a little in the sunlight.