My First Week in Seattle


I just moved to Seattle to start my internship! Here's some of the stuff that I got up to this week.

Visiting Downtown

In the first few days I visited downton with my friend Hayley! She showed me around the Central District and the inner areas. We visited Pike Place/the marketplace there, walked around downtown in and out a lot of shops, and the waterfront!

My New Place

I moved in with Oli into our new place at Timberlawn. It's quite close to work (but not close to my building...), and pretty well furnished with a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. We even have a fireplace! We went shopping to buy a look of necessities (especially cooking equipment), and ended up with a lot of stuff... Thankfully there's two of us!

The Workplace & My First Week

I started work last week! I'm working on frontend in React/Redux helping build a portal in the Environments team! I'm working on a feature with my fellow intern Reuben.

My first week has been pretty great, there was a lot of setup to do (including getting my badge, login, etc.) so I wasn't super productive in my first week. I did a lot of reading to understand Redux/our repo, so hopefully next week I can hit the ground running!

On Friday was our corporate holiday party, it was really huge, there must have been around 700 people there! We got great food and dessert, and I ended up accidentally getting my car locked in a parking lot that closed at 10pm (oops). But I had a great time!

I Went To A Concert

I saw Loius The Child at the WaMu theatre with Michael and Lena last night! It was a really awesome show, I'm glad I went :D

I won't say much, just let the pictures/music speak for themselves: